Aims of NSS Programmes

  • The motto of NSS is “NOT ME, BUT YOU” which expresses the essence of democratic living, respect towards others and selfless service. Aim of our NSS is to promote National Consciousness and sense of social responsibility, inculcation of discipline and dignity of labour among students and help volunteers to mould their personality.

NSS Programmes

  • NSS programmes consist of two major activities, Regular activities and special camping. Students undertake various programmesin the adopted villages, college campus and slum areas after the college hours. Duration of this service is a minimum of 120 hours in each academic year. The special camp programmes are 7/10 days duration and organized in the adopted villages. 50% volunteers are expected to participate in the special camp out of total NSS strength of the unit.

Finance and Account

  • An amount of 225/- per volunteer annum is enmarked for expenditure on regular activities. Under the special camping programmers a provision of RS 450/- per volunteer per camp is made for the special camp. These expenses are provided mainly for boarding, lodging and transport of the volunteers.